Valerie Gillies

The Spring Teller Project

Valerie Gillies received a Creative Scotland Award in 2005 to write The Spring Teller, a book of landmark poems inspired by Scotlandís wells and springs. She completed this after travelling to many locations in Scotland and Ireland. The collection was published by Luath in 2008.

Valerie describes the work:

"The Spring Teller has become a project on a grand scale. I continue to travel to the springs and wells, learning the lore surrounding them and the cures sought at them."

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The Balm Well

Frog Spring

Mermaid Pool

At Brandy Well

Note: Writing the Balm Well and Monk's Well (St Andrews) has changed the environment of these wells. Performing the poems in public has encouraged local residents to look after their own wells in a more fitting manner. The power of poetry!

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