Valerie Gillies

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Maeve in Manhattan

She’s the sibyl of silver
the prophet of platinum
techno diva in titanium
she’s the goldsmith girl

long nights in the studio
welding at a workbench
going gem-cutting
with jewellers in Jaipur

she’s enamelling in India
powder-coating spun copper
like a Ducati motorbike
she’s metalworking in Manila

turns her lathe in typhoons
drives to live volcanoes
scuba-dives to corals
the goldsmith girl

closes vice and clamp
zaps her Zag toolbox
on files and fretsaws
silver scrap and ringshanks

the girl comes and goes
with her fibre-optic neckpiece
flashing stellar galaxies
pricing precious metals

she rollerblades to work
creating catwalk jewellery
kinky kinetic
slinky prophetic

alien abduction
astral seduction
starry nights in gold and steel
the goldsmith girl

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